About Me

I think I can safely blame Lisa Kleypas for my love of romance novels. My first experience was when, at 13, I picked up Suddenly You at the local library on a dare. I think I was drawn to its pretty pink cover. Reading it, to say the least, was an education. I didn’t become a regular romance reader then though. It wasn’t until late 2007, when I had just broken up with my high school sweetheart, that I stumbled bleary eyed into my local CVS and picked up a copy of Kleypas’ Mine Till Midnight. After that I was hooked.

Once the romance bug bit me, there was no stopping it. I began buying books at a rate faster than I could read them, and in 2009 went to the RWA Literacy Book Signing and will now tell anyone who will listen that Nora Roberts walked right in front of me. I spend more time on Goodreads than Facebook and my friends and family consider it dangerous to let me too near a bookstore.

In mid 2009, after having read other romance blogs for over a year, I thought I might as well jump into the conversation and became an intermittent blogger. Thus, The Romance Girl’s Guide to Fiction was born.
When I’m not consumed by my reading addiction or occasionally maintaining this blog, I’m leading my other life as a college Junior who declared an English major last minute (oh look, more books!).

Shout out to my awesome mom, who reads this blog regularly and is abnormally proud of me for doing it! Apparently she just thought I really needed a hobby. Who knew?