Monday, August 31, 2009

Review: Too Hot to Handle by Robin Kaye

Rather than write a review of Too Hot to Handle, I’m writing a clarification of my rating. So far, I love Robin Kaye’s work. Romeo, Romeo was great fun and I think Too Hot to Handle started out on a similar vein. Overall, I’d give it more of a 3.75 than a full 4 stars.

A major problem I had with the book is that the filler was generally very dull. I found myself skimming over Mike’s conversations with patients and nurses and the practice, even though many of them were supposed to be sentimental. Similarly, I too much was revealed through dialogue, which is equally boring. It seems any two characters would end up talking and suddenly explain all their thoughts, feelings, and actions from over the past few years with a new found clarity. There are only so many revelations a person can have in the span of a day. This bothered me more than the unrealistic plot, as contrived behaviors pull me away from a book quicker than contrived situations.

I loved Mike as a hero. I don’t think he can fully be labeled a beta hero- he was definitely in control of many situations, but I loved that he was never overbearing and that he came grips with his feelings before Annabelle. I didn’t become as attached to Annabelle as I did to Mike, but I’m surprised how much I came to like her and understand her actions after how she was portrayed in Romeo, Romeo. I think this says a lot for Kaye’s talent. I am unsure of her character pairing in her next novel (Breakfast in Bed) as it seemed in Romeo, Romeo she was pushing them a different direction, but I am still eager to read it.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Pretties

There are reasons you should never let me in a bookstore unsupervised...

I went shopping in Seattle yesterday, and though I'm on vacation, I managed to start getting anxious. To calm down I ducked into a Border's to purchase a copy of Nora Robert's The Villa, which was strongly recommended by a friend (Since I have yet to actually read something by le Nora, I thought it be good to start with something recommended). But of course, since I was upset, I left with more than just The Villa.

I saw this being pimped on Dear Author. Not only did it look good, but I realized I've never read a western! There's a whole romance subgenre which I have neglected. So when I saw this lovely cover peering out at me from the shelf, I had no choice but to get it.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Lisa Kleypas. Of course I've been wanting to try her new contemporaries. I went and purchased Blue Eyed Devil about a week ago and was smacking myself when I relized I got them out of order. Mistake fixed.

I've been wanting to read Meredith Duran since The Duke of Shadows first came out, so I've been waiting a while. I was fairly bummed out that by the time I made it to her booth at the Literacy Signing she was already sold out. I'm probably not going to start these until after I have The Duke of Shadows, but I'm most certainly looking forward to them.

Flyboy- Karen Foley

Flyboy can best be described as dying relationship with two partners stubbornly ignoring their problems- it was only saved by the sex.

To accurately describe the book, I should probably give it two ratings. One for the plot and one for the sex appeal. I’d give Angel and Sedona at least 4 to 5 stars for setting the pages on fire. Even for a Blaze, Flyboy was heavy on its erotic appeal.

While I ended up giving the book 3 stars overall, I came very close to giving it 2, or maybe 1 and a half- because the plot was just so freaking absurd. If I hadn’t pushed myself through the very beginning it may have become a DNF. While it’s believable that there is sexism in the military, it’s a bit extreme to have the plot focus on a secret “Membership” where people are promoted by their sexual exploits during business trips.

One thing in the books favor is the lack of drawn out Big Misunderstandings between the protagonists, though I do think those are more common in Presents than Blazes. While there were a few Big Misunderstandings, Sedona and Angel managed to work things out within a few pages, instead of drawing stupid issues out through the entire book. And they both actually chose to deal with their issues and feelings, which was refreshing. No, what really makes this book a wall-banger is its absurd plot line.

I think what I love most about this book though it is its cover: massive phallic imagery! How on earth could I resist buying a book with a cover this blatant and hilarious!? And the cover model… abs to die for. The book might not be a keeper, but the cover is.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pimpin other news

It was to irresitable to keep from spreading this on the interwebs: the Harlequin Presents Asshat Hero has come to life!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why I Shouldn't Own Dogs or Blogs

First off, I should at least acknowledge that this blog is painfully neglected, and will likely remain so for long periods of time. I have the horrible tendency of starting something (such as this blog) and maintaining its upkeep only in short sperts.

With that said, I can still be found at goodreads if you want to keep up with my readings, though any reviews (when eventually written) I'll also post over here.

I'm also extremely happy now that I've discovered how to use Despite my youth, I'm a bit behind on the electronic bandwagon, and previously have balked at perchasing anything anywhere but trusty amazon. I am not good with change. But today my first order from arrived: Suddenly You, A Man in A Million, Flyboy, Unlawful Contact, Flowers From the Storm, Open Season and Midnight Bayou all for a whoping $20.33. I was quite happy.