Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mega Post of Happy Things

I've been out of the blogosphere for almost two weeks now.  Like most of the population I've been under the weather, and then got backlogged with life and had no time to update.  So, to make up for that, I'm doing a Mega Post of Happy Things.  In other words, a big list of things that make me smile with as many links as possible.

Non-Romance Blogs I Follow
1. Lolcats: Who doesn't follow this one?  I'm also going to mention the numerous associated blogs I check out on a regular basis: ROFLrazziPundit KitchenGraphjamKludgesFailblogFailbook, and Hacked IRL.
2. Nathan Kamp: Book Covers: Ok, so this is sort of related to romance, but more under the hot men category.  You can probably recognize him because he's on tons of romance covers.  Did anyone else watch the pilot for Royal Pains just for Nathan's two-second cameo...?
3. Odd News: Mainly from the UK, but the articles are universally funny.
4.Oddly Specific:  I think this one is also associated with Lolcats, but I like it enough to give it its own line.
5. Picture is Unrelated: Another golden Lolcat cousin filled with WTFckery.
6. Sleep Talkin' Man:  From the UK as well, but this guy must have hilarious dreams.
7.  Stop Making That Duckface!:  You know someone who does it, and please, just stop.
8. manvszombies:  I've never really gotten into the whole zombie thing, but I get a kick out of this.  If you've read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies you might like it.
9.  WEDINATOR: Snark-worthy wedding moments.
10.  Cake Wrecks: This goes well with WENDINATOR.
11. XKCD: Geeky jokes for the nerd in all of us.
12. Autocomplete Me: When Google suggest goes awry.
13. Hunk du Jour: Self-explanatory.  Hot Men make me happy.
14. 5-Star Men:  More hot men!  Both this and Hunk du Jour are targeted for gay men, but I see no reason a straight woman can't enjoy it.
15. Indexed: Clever messages on index cards.
16. PostSecret: Sometimes funny.  Sometimes tragic.  I've been following this blog for almost six years and have gone to a few signing events.
17. FMyLife: As most this list proves, life's fails are entertaining.

On My YouTube Account
1. CommunityChannel:  Apparently spunky Asian-Australian girls make big youtube sensations.  Usually posts every 3-7 days with easily to relate to self-deprecating humor.
2. CollegeHumor:  I'm pretty sure MTV owns this.  They post pretty frequently with a variety of ongoing shows and series.  Really funny and some of the stuff is very well done.

Blog Awards
Tracy was really awesome and tagged me (quite awhile ago) for the Sugar Doll Award.  I'm supposed to list 10 things about myself and pass it on.  To be honest, I'm horrible about tagging other people so I'm just going to encourage anyone who wants to do this to post it on their blog.

My ten things:
1.  I'm obsessed with the Iditarod.  For those poor souls who do not know what the Iditarod is, it's the dog sled race up in Alaska.  (Anyone seen Balto?)  I've been known to get pretty big crushes on some of the younger mushers, my two favorites being Rohn Buser and Dallas Seavey.  Rohn isn't in the race this year, but Dallas is and I'm definitely cheering him on.  The race is still going on now, so check it out!
2.  I want to become a flight attendant.  Most people look at me funny for this.  Would I really want to deal with the insane hours and crabby passengers.  Well yea, I do.  I'd be awesome at it (I have amazing customer service skills) and the benefits would be sweet.
3.  I love the movie Repo! The Genetic Opera.  It's hard to describe, except that it's as campy as Rocky Horror and you get to see Paris Hilton's face fall off.
4.  I'm terrified of relationships.  I love reading romances, but there's a big difference between enjoying the story and actually being ready for a relationship.
5.  Cary Grant is my hero.  I have a nice little collection of his comedies, my favorite being The Philadelphia Story.
6.  I'm focusing on school right now, but one day I want to write romance.  Probably contemporary romance.  I already have a few ideas bouncing around my head.
7.  Red and black are my favorite colors.
8.  I have three stars tattooed on my body.
9.  I have two cats, Jesse (James) and Aby (which is short for Abyssinia, the source of the Nile), and a betta fish named Napoleon.
10.  I am not a morning person, whatsoever.  When left to my own devices I become completely nocturnal. This happened to me for a few weeks during my freshman year at college.  It was very inconvenient.

Just Friggin' Awesome
A couple weeks ago over at Smart Bitches there was a contest to promote The Marriage Ring.  The winner got a $1,500 gift certificate to Fragments jewelry.  My friend won!  I was in a state of shock for the first few minutes after she told me.  I'm so happy for her!

Whether you love it, whether you hate it, most of us can't take our eyes off it.

Yea, I'll be there.

Hot Men
Would any make-you-feel-better blog post really be complete without them?


  1. Great blog list! You have some of my favorites there plus a few that I'm going to have to check out.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, and you're right -- Hunk du Jour is for ANYONE who appreciates men!