Monday, April 18, 2011

Milking The Cash Cow

I don't have anything against Taylor Lautner.  Anyone who can go from this...
to that...
seriously gets some credit.  (Give me a call, kid, when you hit twenty-five.)  But, despite his ability to harness puberty better than 99.9% of the population, he's not the best actor out there.  I mean there's a reason we've got meme's like this one popping up:
So I wasn't quite sure whether to laugh or cry when I saw this trailer:

Milking the cash cow are we?  No, Taylor Lautner isn't the best actor, but casting him in action/thriller films that blatantly bank on the Twilight crowd wanting to see them isn't going to help his career.  There's a reason actors like Jason Statham and Bruce Willis usually take those roles- because when a nineteen year old does it, it looks kind of dumb.


  1. LOL. The sad part is that I will probably watch it... not in the theaters though ;)

  2. I don't blame anyone for watching it (where would we be without our guilty pleasures, eh?) but he's agent really needs to be looking out for the future of his career more IMO

  3. Well....doesn't he look hot! I could see him doing action movies. Not a lot of dialogue, but plenty of body-bulging, muscle-flexing action!