Thursday, May 5, 2011

Top 10: Reasons I Can't Wait For Finals To Be Over

Ok, I'll admit the is a bit of a cheap post, but I'm stress and need to vent a little!

1.  I can read romance novels again!!! I cannot even say how much I miss my babies :(  I knew how much work I had to do, so with the exception of Lover Unleashed I packed up ALL my books in a box, taped it up, and put it under my bed.  Ugh.
2.  I can blog again.  Once I start reading again I'll actually have something to blog about.
3.  I can read other people's blog's again.  My RSS feeds are currently piled sky high.
4.  I can sleep without feeling guilty.  I haven't given up sleeping, but yea, I wake up feeling bad about doing it.
5.  I can start making some moolah.  My summer job (which is working for the college) starts less than two weeks after exams, and I'm actually pretty excited.  The house I'm living in is decent (which is nice since they're paying for it!), the people I'm working with are cool, and a few of my good friends live nearby.  Score!  The one downside is that it's a lot of physical labor and I'll have some pretty strange hours.
6.  I can watch more TV.  True summer activity there!
7.  I can go swimming.  I don't know if I'll get to go to the beach this year, but I'm sure I'll get to hit the local pool a few times.
8.  I can work on my tan.  I tan pretty quickly, so this should be an easy on to knock off.
9.  I can eat better food.  The downside of working for the college is that I'll still be eating at the dining hall, but you know people will be throwing picnics and bbqs from time to time!
10.  I can go to summer parties.  Love these the best.  Tend to be more laid back, relaxed, and chill then parties during the rest of the year when people are stress out.

In conclusion- bring on the summer, the sun, and the fun little drink umbrellas!


  1. Replace "romance novels" in #1 with "philosophy books" and the list describes my views perfectly.

    McDaniel gives way too much work at the end of the year, IMO. Profs could at least get us doing our final papers a month before finals so we'd have some real time to study. Having several 10-20 page papers due at the same time as final exams is just bull (even though I will admit that there tends to be a bit of grade inflation here).

    Anyway, good luck.

  2. I feel like the grade inflation does not help us at all (well it does make our grades higher...). What I mean is it doesn't reduce the work load and therefore our stress levels. Like I've always said, colleges would be so much healthier without finals or frats ;)

  3. I like your list. It made me giggle... Congrats on it all being almost over!