Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What I Did on Labor Day

I haven't even finished my current read and I'm already buying new books! In my own defense, there was a Labor Day sale at a Thrift Store in my area, so all the books ended up being 50 cents. Hello, two quarters each!!!! It was a hugh practice in self-restraint not to grab more.

The last of the Bridgertons. I have Francesca and Hyacinth's book's to go, but I found Gregory's with a stepback so I just had to grab it.

I remember that this got lukewarm reviews, especially since Mr. Cavindish, I Presume apparently just repeats most of this book. And the cover is pretty
aweful too. It's got this vapid-heroine-with-a-neck-crick thing going for it. But for 50 cents I'm willing to give it a go.

One of the Bow Street Runner's series. I haven't read any of the series yet, but I love Kleypas. I'm so excited for Tempt Me at Twilight's release!!!! In the meantime, I've gotten my mother hooked on Kleypas (major score) and she's now read the Devil in Winter and Scandal in Spring (my personal fav), and is ready to sink her teeth into the Hathaways. She seems to have develped an attachment to Cam because wherever we go she keeps comparing ever tan-skinned male to him....

I think I originally became interested in this because I keep confusing the title with The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie (which was a fantastic book, fyi). From reading the back I can't see anything exceptional about it yet, so I'm reserving all judgement until I read it.

I'd never read a Medeiros, and I vaugely remember some buzz about her last year, so into the cart it went!

Finding this book was somewhat of a disappointment for the simple fact it was so much less vivid! I don't think it was because it was thrift since the spine wasn't cracked. Luckily cover color doesn't affect reading enjoyment.

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