Monday, August 31, 2009

Review: Too Hot to Handle by Robin Kaye

Rather than write a review of Too Hot to Handle, I’m writing a clarification of my rating. So far, I love Robin Kaye’s work. Romeo, Romeo was great fun and I think Too Hot to Handle started out on a similar vein. Overall, I’d give it more of a 3.75 than a full 4 stars.

A major problem I had with the book is that the filler was generally very dull. I found myself skimming over Mike’s conversations with patients and nurses and the practice, even though many of them were supposed to be sentimental. Similarly, I too much was revealed through dialogue, which is equally boring. It seems any two characters would end up talking and suddenly explain all their thoughts, feelings, and actions from over the past few years with a new found clarity. There are only so many revelations a person can have in the span of a day. This bothered me more than the unrealistic plot, as contrived behaviors pull me away from a book quicker than contrived situations.

I loved Mike as a hero. I don’t think he can fully be labeled a beta hero- he was definitely in control of many situations, but I loved that he was never overbearing and that he came grips with his feelings before Annabelle. I didn’t become as attached to Annabelle as I did to Mike, but I’m surprised how much I came to like her and understand her actions after how she was portrayed in Romeo, Romeo. I think this says a lot for Kaye’s talent. I am unsure of her character pairing in her next novel (Breakfast in Bed) as it seemed in Romeo, Romeo she was pushing them a different direction, but I am still eager to read it.

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