Thursday, December 31, 2009

That Time of Year Again

I hope everyone has a great New Year's Eve watching the ball drop, drinking champagne, or whatever your traditions are. I always go to my best friends house where we watch the best of the Buffy/Spike episodes and drink Martinellis.

Since people have been sharing their resolutions lot lately I thought I'd throw my hat in, so here they are:

1) Start posting regularly. I've always been a sporadic poster, whether it comes to Blogger, Livejournal, or even Facebook. I'd really like to work on sticking to things. Unfortunately this will probably be the first to go since I have a full semester coming up.

2) Participate in the DIK Reading Challenge. I joined up because hopefully this will help me with resolution number one. It's my first reading challenge, and I have always wanted to try one out.

3)Lose weight. I feel like this is on 90% of people's lists and has almost become the obligatory resolution. However, I've lost 20 pounds in the past year, am in Weight Watchers, and see no reason why I can't keep it up. :)

4) Try out new genres. I read (and love) historical and contemporary romance, but want to branch out and try more paranormal and urban fantasy. So far I've only tried JR Ward's BDB, but since I like those books I'm sure there is a whole lot more out there that I'm missing.

5) Learn basic HTML. As you can see, my blog screams "under construction". I'm good with technology in general, but when it comes to HTML I'm left there scratching my head. As a student, I don't have the cash to hire someone to design a blog for me, but I see no reason I can't learn some elements and tidy it up a bit.

I'm sure more will come to me before midnight, but these are my five major resolutions I hope to keep. Good luck with yours and have a great time tonight!

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