Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Where do books come from?

I am (almost) finish with the semester. It is wonderful to have exam week out of the way. To say the least I've had no time to read romance over the past month, but that hasn't deterred me from expanding my TBR pile. Between the public library and various thrift stores my collection has continued to grow. I think a part of me got through exams because of the fact that I had the huge pile of books waiting by my bedside. I could see them, and I was dying to read them. My desire to read romances always increases with stress. But I knew I couldn't touch them until I had gotten through the semester.

Now that everything is coming to an end I can finally resume where I left off. I'm planning to do a review of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. I finished the whole series just before things heated up. I'm probably going to do a combined review of all the books rather than each one individually. I can't say how excited I am for Lover Mine to come out next spring. John Matthew had long been one of my favorite characters. I'm taking ASL next semester, something I've been interested in for years. JR Ward has written both a blind and a mute hero, and for that I think she deserves major points for combining disabilities to romance in a respectful and kick-ass way.

Currently a lot of my TBR pile is coming from the public library. Until recently I never used the public library for reading romance novels. I try to support the economy and as often as I can I buy new. But with the recession I've been finding my means for obtaining romance novels has changed to almost exclusively to thrift and borrowing. This Christmas I'm trying to buy family new books as more of an effort to support the publishing industry, and I'm hoping to get some gift cards so I can get myself new books as well. Has anyone else found there method of getting romance novels has changed? Is anyone else making it a priority this holiday season to try to by new books for themselves or loved ones?


  1. Another wonderful thing about J R Ward is that she has included gay elements in her writing as well as individuals with disabilities. Not to one up your future review but Wrath could only become a true king because of his disability. In some ways, the blindness freed him to be what he was to be all along.

    Regarding being thrifty in your reading, check out paperbackswap.com It is a wonderful way to read and recycle at the some time.

  2. Thanks for the hint! I'll definitely be checking paperbackswap.com out.