Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review: Wicked Nights With a Lover

Title: Wicked Nights With a Lover
Author: Sophie Jordan
Genre: Historical Fiction
Series: The Penwich School for Virtuous Girls #3
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

What should a proper lady do when she believes her days are numbered?

Step One: Take a Lover . . .
After being told she will not survive beyond the year's end, prim and lovely Marguerite Laurent intends to live what remains of her life to the very fullest. Though she may never know love, she will know passion—and she agrees to a whirlwind romance with a former admirer. But hours before embarking upon her grand adventure, Marguerite is abducted—by an unscrupulous rogue who boldly announces his intentions to bed and wed her before the week is out!

Step Two: Live With No Regrets . . .
Ash Courtland pulled himself up from the gutter to become a successful man of business, and now he wants revenge on his one-time partner for betraying him. Still, his enemy's bewitching daughter is most certainly not about to surrender her innocence to the infuriating—if shockingly attractive—cad who took her captive. Yet with no more than a touch, Ash makes her tremble with desire . . . and resisting the heat of his passion could cost Marguerite her last, best chance for ecstasy.

Wicked Nights with a Lover was a fun read that I had no problem getting into. Both Marguerite and Ash are very strong willed and well matched for one another. It’s not your typical abducted heroine romance, which was refreshing. Marguerite doesn’t succumb to Stockholm syndrome in two chapters, feel sorry for Ash and fall in love with him. She fights him tooth and nail, not just because she doesn’t want to fulfill the prediction, but because, hey, he abducted her, remember?

I thought Ash was a very sexy alpha hero. The two of them had a lot of chemistry. The one problem I had with him was that the moment he realized he loved Marguerite, he was willing to lay aside all of his plans of revenge and do anything for her. He had years of pent up anger at her father and had spent all of his life being treated as an inferior. It was clear that he loved Marguerite, but those other feelings weren’t just going to disappear. Also, considering that he was willing to lay the revenge aside, deciding to send her away rather than risk losing her seems nonsensical. He did grovel enough at the end for me to forgive that brutish move.

This was my first Sophie Jordan and I’d definitely be up for reading her again! 4 out of 5 stars.

I’ve been meaning to write this review for ages and I’m only now getting around to it. At first there was a very specific reason I chose to hold off. My birthday was last month, and the big event of the day was that I had an appointment with a psychic! Doesn’t that go so well with this book?

This wasn’t just any psychic. Her name is Julie and my aunt had been seeing for years. She’s made several unique and accurate predictions, including about my aunt’s second husband and that she was pregnant with a boy. In other words, not the usual vague predictions that can be taken any which way the wind blows. I have the whole session recorded on a cassette tape so I can go back over it whenever I want!

My predictions weren’t anything as dramatic as Marguerite’s, but here are some of the highlights:

1. Let’s start with the romance, because I know that’s what y’all are going to want to hear about ;) I’m going through a rough patch emotionally right now, so I’m not interested in a romantic relationship. That wasn’t a prediction- I told her that. However, Julie said the higher powers are keeping any men I might have romantic relationships with out of my life until I become more balanced. More specifically, I will begin a romance (or have romantically charged months) between May and August this coming year.

2. I will be coming into money. Hey, sounds really nice right? This could be from anything, but will likely be from my own creative endeavors.

3. I need to get a blood test. She said it could be either diabetes or a thyroid problem. This was the really freaky prediction- I have a blood test for hypothyroidism scheduled for next week, and I scheduled it before
the reading!

4. I will be travelling soon, apparently to Canada. The travelling could be education related (that makes sense since I’m a student) or I could be working for an airline (which would be funny if that came true since that used to be my dream job before the economy crashed).

5. I will be getting new friends who are positive people. Ok, cool.

So nothing super specific (other than the blood thing), but it’ll be fun to look over these in a year and see how things matched up.


  1. I really liked this story! It was my first Sophie book and like you, I'll definitely be reading more :) Nice review!

  2. BTW, love the new look!

  3. i haven't read this one, but i've really liked the books i've read by her in the past. thanks for sharing your psychic predictions :)

  4. Got this book from Net Galley and reviewed it on my blog a while back. Really enjoyed reading and reviewing it. Enjoyed your take on it. It was quite a fun read and while I have read Sophie Jordan before it had been quite awhile. It put me back on the track with her books and I always appreciate a new book that reminds me of some old favorites.

  5. I thought reading books like this will be boring or something, but when I started reading and fall in the characters, I realized that I’m starting not just to like it but I fell in love with the book.

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