Sunday, June 12, 2011

Top 10: Events of My Summer (so far...)

Good job, D.L., good job.  You said you would abandon your blog again, didn't you?  You said you wouldn't go weeks and weeks in between posts, reviews and commenting on other blogs, didn't you?  Even went as far as making it a New Year's Resolution, DIDN'T YOU?  Ok, I confess, I did, I did!  Forgive me?

Since for the umpteenth time I've gone MIA, I though I'd open up this blog revival post with a what-has-D.L.-been-up-to update (because you all really care, don't you?).  Normally Top Ten is something I do on Thursdays, but Happy Sunday!  Here are the Top Ten highlights of my past month:

1.  I finished exams!  Oh yay baby!  No more tests. No more papers.  No more Virginia Woolf!  (I had a whole course on her- to say the least, I'm glad it's over.)

2.  I went to the beach!  To my great shame, despite living in Maryland I had not been to the beach in four years.  Count that, four years!  Admittedly I'm not much of a beach person (I hate how sand sticks to everything), but that amount of time was just unacceptable.  I can now say it has been remedied.

3.  I started my summer job!  I work for my college's Conference Services, so I end up doing mostly odds and ends: setting equipment up, taking it down, inspecting rooms, directing cars, info desk, and lots and lots of laundry.  It's actually pretty fun though.  Pay is decent, and they house and feed me.  The hours are crazy though, literally.  Some days we work twelve hours, some days less than one, and we never know ahead of time.

4.  I drove a golf cart!  This was actually part of my job, but it was pretty sweet.  And no pedestrians were put in danger. will not point out that it's summer and there are no pedestrians on campus...

5.  I got this summer's first paycheck!  And better yet, I haven't blown it yet!  I haven't deposited it yet either, but that's something else entirely.

6.  I've eaten dessert every single day!  Often every single meal.  And only gained one pound.  It's the main benefit of having a job which is several hours of physical labor a day.  I suppose I could just stop eating so many sweets and lose some weight, but I'm in the healthy weight range, and red velvet cake taste so darn good.

7.  I went to the movies!  I saw both Priest, which was so bad it was awesome, and The Hangover II, which was just tons of fun.

8.  I got a tan!  This is the first summer since I was a kid I've managed to get a tan, and I'm quite pleased with it.

9.  I got a summer wardrobe!  There is nothing I love more than a cute, breezy dress and now I have several.

10.  I followed my own advice!  Remember when I reviewed He's Just Not That Into You?  I really liked it, even made my own set of dating rules based on the book.  I actually put them into place... and sucked a bit, because (just like the book said) instead of having a guy who wasn't that into me, I had no guy.  Well, I guess I am a little better off... one down, on to the rest of the male population.

I have tons of news and reviews I'm hoping to get up over the next week or two- even though I've been out of the blogosphere I've still been reading.  I hope everyone else is having an awesome summer!


  1. Hey, D.L.! Congrats on finishing all your exams. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself ;)

  2. Thanks Barbara! It's such a relief that they're over so that now I can get back to the *important* stuff in life :p