Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Pretties

There are reasons you should never let me in a bookstore unsupervised...

I went shopping in Seattle yesterday, and though I'm on vacation, I managed to start getting anxious. To calm down I ducked into a Border's to purchase a copy of Nora Robert's The Villa, which was strongly recommended by a friend (Since I have yet to actually read something by le Nora, I thought it be good to start with something recommended). But of course, since I was upset, I left with more than just The Villa.

I saw this being pimped on Dear Author. Not only did it look good, but I realized I've never read a western! There's a whole romance subgenre which I have neglected. So when I saw this lovely cover peering out at me from the shelf, I had no choice but to get it.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Lisa Kleypas. Of course I've been wanting to try her new contemporaries. I went and purchased Blue Eyed Devil about a week ago and was smacking myself when I relized I got them out of order. Mistake fixed.

I've been wanting to read Meredith Duran since The Duke of Shadows first came out, so I've been waiting a while. I was fairly bummed out that by the time I made it to her booth at the Literacy Signing she was already sold out. I'm probably not going to start these until after I have The Duke of Shadows, but I'm most certainly looking forward to them.

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