Monday, March 21, 2011

In Other News

A couple things have happened in the past week, but since they're not particularly related here a bit of a mash up.

1.  For all you Gleeks- Kurt/Blaine FTW!  I think we all knew it was coming, but in my opinion it played out perfectly.
I also just loved the episode as a whole.  The original songs were great and I'm sad we're going to have to wait a while for the season to start up again, but the mid-season did end on a stellar note.  I'm really counting on Finn and Rachel getting back together later in the show (it's pretty obvious right?) because they're my favorite pair.  Any thoughts from other Gleeks out there?

2. Sabrina Jeffries has officially announced that in the final book of the Hellion series Celia will be pair with Pinter.  I don't know if anyone else felt this way, but I thought the pairing was clearly set up since the first book (sort of like Minerva and Giles), which is something I've really enjoyed and am looking forward to.  She's said on her Facebook that David Gandy is her model for Pinter.

Very nice.

3.  I got to try TruBlood!  I know, I know, it's so gimmicky, right?  It tastes pretty good though.  It's carbonated blood orange soda, so it's just like a premium over price regular orange soda, but the bottles are soooo awesome!  I'm such a fan.

4.  The Iditarod recently concluded.  When it comes to this dogsled race, I am the definition of a superfan.  I constantly am running back to my computer to check the standings of the mushers.  I was pretty psyched because I won my bet this year.  I predicted Dallas Seavey would not win but place in the top ten, and he came in fourth!  Look, here's me being superfan-y.

My Spring Break is over and am now back at school. Le sigh.  Time to get back into gear.


  1. LOVED the Glee episode this week!!!! So glad Kurt and Blaine finally got together!! So happy for Kurt!!

    I was a little apprehensive about this week's episode and the original songs...part of the allure of Glee is seeing/hearing my favorite songs remixed. But some of the songs were and my hubby laughed hysterically during "Trouty Mouth"!! And the songs they sang for regionals surprised me...liked them way better than I thought I would!

  2. While the songs for regionals were my favorites, I loved the other little songs they came up with. Your right, "Trouty Mouth" was hilarious! I wouldn't have minded hearing those other verses Santana made up for it. "Big Ass Heart" was also surprisingly fun and entertaining, but I'd probably enjoy anything Puck came up with lol.

  3. You are adorable in your picture. DL is to Iditarod as Kat is to Tour de France.

  4. OMG I am a total Gleek and WOW that, that, that did something I was so HAPPY the way it played out and was anyone totally jealous of Kurt getting kissed holy hell Darren did a nice job LOL! Oh and the songs were great I will pass on Trouty mouth but I did buy Losers and the solo Rachel sung can't think of it... Anywho I so heart this show!

  5. Oh what I meant to say is I got so side tracked with the info on Glee I forgot to comment on True Blood LOL but now I've forgotten what my witty comment was so just insert something and when you laugh claim it was me :)

  6. Kat- You haz a Blogger! So awesome!

    Sarai- Loser Like Me is super catchy. I've rewatched the clip twice already on Hulu.

  7. Thanks Carrie! It was great to finally have some time to myself :)