Monday, March 28, 2011

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I meant to post this as a Sunday recap, but to be honest I just got lazy.

1. My Dad got HBO for us, which is so friggin' awesome because now I can watch True Blood season 3 on my laptop at school!  Not that I hadn't already seen it, but since I was watching it online the quality was awful.  Besides the wonderful amounts of Eric we get in this season (omg omg I cannot wait for next season to start) I am absolutely head over heels in love with Alcide.  I know a lot of y'all are beard girls (and he's starting to turn me into one too) so here's one of my favorite screen caps of him ;)

2. RIP Elizabeth Taylor 1932-2011. You were ARE an icon for the ages.

3. Reading Recap: 

I finished Sabrina Jeffries' A Hellion in Her Bed last week.  While it didn't blow me out of the water, I did generally enjoy it.  I would only really recommend it though if you're already reading or planning to read the whole series.  Nothing about it really stood out to me.  I could set it down for days at a time and not have trouble picking it back up, but nothing compelled me to find out the ending (like I've felt with some of her other books).  3 stars.  I am already reading How to Woo a Reluctant Lady, so it'll be interesting for me to see how Minerva's story compares to her two brother's.  I do like the overall story arc of the siblings uncovering what happened to their parents, and I love Mr. Pinter so I'm eager to read his and Celia's book whenever that is released (especially since I think Gran might disapprove of him!).

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