Sunday, March 6, 2011

Movies: TiMER

Movie: TiMER (2009)
Genre: Romance
Grade: A-

TiMER was an unexpected pick I found when browsing on Netflix.  It's hard to exactly pick a genre for it- I'd maybe even place it as a romantic comedy, but with darker humor than usually seen and not the usual outcomes (I don't want to give too much away!).

If a clock could count down to the moment you meet your soul mate, would you want to know?

Oona (staring Emma Caufield, Anya for all us Buffy fans!) has had the TiMER implanted in her wrist since puberty- a device that counts down to the exact moment when your soul mate enters your life.  However, since her soul mate has not yet had his implanted, her countdown remains blank, and she feels in limbo.  Steph, her sister, has a TiMER set to go off when she's 43, making her feel just as lost.

Each sister deals with their dilemma differently- Oona by making every un-TiMERed man she can find get the device and Steph by running through a series of meaningless one-night stands with other TiMERed men.  But what happens when Oona meets Mikey, the younger, TiMERed guy who makes her ok with living in the present, and Steph finds Dan the Man, the un-TiMERed man who she might actually stick around for?

This was the most relatable romantic comedy I've seen in a while, despite it's alternate reality premise.  It's so normal to be worried about when you're going to meet "The One"  that you start to lose sight of the big picture and are willing to throw out a perfectly decent relationship because it likely won't last forever.  I think to an extent everyone worries that love has no guarantees, so there are a lot of universal themes in this movie.

It's hard to discuss specifics of movie, because it took a lot of turns I didn't expect and it's not something I'd want to spoil.  As I finished this movie and the credits began to roll I thought this would be a great movie to watch after a break up.  It's all about the fact that the road to love is rocky and unexpected, and that there is no right answer, but it the end it will be ok.  I would definitely recommend this one no matter your mood!


  1. Hum... this movie sounds really good I wonder if it is based off a book or not.

    Thanks for the review I will have to check it out!

  2. It was a great story.. right up to the end that was thoroughly brief depressing and left too many characters fates unresolved satisfactorily.